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‘Missing e’ browser extension for tumblr - FEATURE SERIES

With the release of Missing e, I thought I’d present you with a series about it’s features for improving the tumblr experience.

Remember that Missing e is highly configurable, so you can choose to enable or disable any of these great features!

#2 - Posting Fixes

A few convenient interface tweaks for new Tumblr posts.

  • Add buttons to automatically queue, save posts as drafts or post them privately (see Screenshot 1)
  • Always enable photo replies in new posts (where possible)
  • Switch back to uploading images on photo posts (see Screenshot 2)
    • By default, Tumblr allows you to switch to a URL with a “Use a URL instead” option
    • Allows you to switch back with an “Upload images instead” option.
  • Allow inline image uploading for all post types, not just text posts (see Screenshot 3)
    • Adds an “+ Upload Photo” option to all posting pages (including the Tumblr bookmarklet)
    • Adds the feature to all Tumblr posts, answering asks and the Tumblr bookmarklet!
  • Add a “Clear Tags” button to quickly remove all tags on a post.
  • Preserve the order of tags in a post when editing.
  • Add extra “Post to” menu (for selecting Tumblr blog to post to) nearer to new post publish buttons (see Screenshot 1)
  • Add an “Edit” button to your sub-Tumblr’s individual post pages
  • Allow automatic tagging of new queued posts


If you ever have problems with this or any other feature, consult the Missing e FAQ page.

Screenshot 1 - Posting Fixes adds quick queue/draft buttons and an extra menu for selecting the blog to post to for new posts

Screenshot 2 - Don’t wanna use a URL anymore? Posting Fixes can help!

Screenshot 3 - So, I can put a photo ANYWERE? Thanks, Posting Fixes!

Download Missing e at

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See the rest of the feature series.

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